The joys of co-authoring

14 Aug

Both halves of Allison Dobell are very excited to be coming together (in the nicest possible way) at the Romance Writers’ of Australia conference this weekend in Fremantle. Together, we’ll be running a workshop on the joys of co-authoring. We’re very glad to admit that, when we wrote the talk, we struggled to find many downsides to co-authoring. We hope to see you at the conference and talk all things writing buddy!

Alice’s Wonderland at 99c!

24 Apr

How exciting! We have just heard that Alice’s Wonderland has been selling amazingly well as a Target Exclusive across the US. To celebrate, Avon Red are lowering the ebook price to just 99c for a short period of time! We are thrilled to have the chance to get copies into new readers’ hands and see them have as much fun with Alice as we did. Get your copy now at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

And we have a winner…!

31 Mar


A huge congrats to Leah, the winner of our Alice’s Wonderland giveaway! Leah’s favourite character sounds like someone right up Alice’s alley:

Dana Stabenow’s Kate Shugak is my favourite character – I’d like to a) be her or b) be her friend. She’s feisty, short, virtually self-sufficient in Alaska, has very hot boyfriends AND is a detective!

Leah, if you could get your details to us, we will post your copy straight out to you.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated. If you’d like to read Alice’s Wonderland, you can purchase here. We’ve certainly been getting some lovely reviews, which we’re thrilled about. Read on to see what people are saying!

If you like Fifty Shades of Grey and Lisa Marie Rice, you’ll love Alice’s Wonderland. Lisa – Just Another Rabid Reader

That Alice, she has some wicked tricks up her sleeve, and I like that. The Bookish Babe

Alice’s Wonderland takes steamy in a different, and super fun direction that I loved. Cat – Cat’s Thoughts

This is one book worth reading. Melana – Melana’s Reviews 

… you will love Alice’s Wonderland. It has a plot, it has character development and of course, it gets hot and heavy … but in a much more tantalising way. I read this in two sittings and it was responsible for one very late night. It’s also restored my faith in erotic fiction. Kelly

…a romance perfect to swallow during a train ride or to relax with a glass of wine in the bath. Lucie

…the best bit is the unique ‘vintage’ flavour, very enjoyable. Seana

I fell in lust with the main male character and adored Alice. Lucy 

Read an excerpt here!

Target time and giveaway!

20 Mar

Alice’s Wonderland is on sale from today at Target in the US as a Target Exclusive. Yay! To celebrate, today we’re talking about our favourite character from the book — Tanja Thompson — and asking everyone about their favourite characters. Characters that they’ve either written or read. Here’s a little saying from Tanja to get us started:


Ah, bless her. Tanja was special from her very first entry in the book:

Moments later, the brassy blonde was prowling into her office, her long, long legs shown off to full advantage in a micro leather mini skirt and a fresh spray tan. She was the only woman that Alice knew who could wear high-heeled gladiator sandals with the straps wound all the way up to her knees. On most, the effect reminded Alice of a whole lot of B words including ‘bondage’, ‘bulgy’ and ‘big mistake’.  But Tanja looked like a Roman goddess in hers – and she knew it. Her hair was long and peroxide white, her sunglasses oversized and movie star, her leather vest tiny and only just containing her spectacular bosom. If her face was no longer quite young enough to pull off such an extreme look, most men didn’t notice.

Any scene in Alice’s Wonderland that included Alice’s business rival, Tanja Thompson (aka the ‘brassy blonde’), was so much fun to write.

Every so often, you create a character who is simply so much fun to have around – a character who makes you laugh out loud with every twist and turn. Tanja is one of these characters. Tanja is the owner of hihosilver, an online sex shop. And while that’s not the sort of business we all aspire to owning, she is, undoubtedly, the kind of girl we all wish we could be at some point. Not looks-wise (frankly, peroxide blonde hair and high-heeled gladiator sandals aren’t really for me), but attitude-wise. Tanja is smart and sassy and street-wise and will tell you what she thinks. Every single time. She’s a shrewd businesswoman and cuts a mean deal. But she’s also decent and, when it comes down to the line, fair and kind. She’d be the first person to race up and tell you you’ve got toilet paper stuck to your stiletto. Most importantly, however, she gets all the good lines in the book and the best décor, to boot…

Flynn had never been so grateful to sit down at his desk and get stuck into some work.  That Tanja Thompson was a law unto herself.  And the staff of hihosilver weren’t much better, either.  There’d been a few moments there this afternoon where he actually thought they weren’t going to allow him to leave their dungeon of an office with its odd décor.  Tanja seemed to be following some strange ‘animal explosion’ theme.  He’d never seen so many mixed zebra, leopard and giraffe prints in his life.  And in the middle of it all was the lioness – Tanja – all sharpened claws and big teeth.  Not to forget himself, the quivering prey.  At one point Tanja had jumped on top of him in some strange move and he’d actually yelped as if she was about to tear him limb from limb.  He couldn’t remember feeling on edge like that in an interview.  Ever.  Not even the ones he’d done in maximum-security prisons.  At least in maximum security prisons there tended to be a red button on the wall that, if you pressed it, would send people running in to save you.

He’d looked for a red button at the hihosilver office.  There wasn’t one.


So, tell us about your favourite character. One you’ve either written, or read. Was it a he, or a she? Or maybe neither (an alien?). An animal? Favourite characters come in all shapes and sizes and we’d love to hear about yours. We have a copy to give away to our best response (winner will be decided and notified on the site 31 March)!

Get your Alice here…

11 Nov

We’ve had a few people ask where the best places to buy Alice’s Wonderland are. So, for a bit of Ms Alice at Amazon, we have a link here. Or for Ms Alice at Barnes & Noble, we have a link here.

Happy shopping!

Release day!

7 Nov

Woo hoo! It’s release day for Ms Alice (and we’ve just found out we get to celebrate all over again on 4 December, when we have a print release day, too!).

Apart from all the woo hooing, we are also looking back at the ups and downs of getting Alice’s Wonderland to the point we’re at today. She’s certainly given us a roller coaster ride full of fun. Both of us even have a memento of our trip. The other Allison has a pillow (I might convince her to take a pic.). And I have this, a little something left over from an editor during the editing process, which I’ve framed for the study wall…

More exciting news!

3 Nov

In breaking news… a print edition of Alice’s Wonderland will be released 4 December! More than thrilled! Pre-orders here.

It’s almost Business Time

29 Oct

We’re all getting very excited here over at the house of Dobell (yes, all two of us…). Very soon, we’ll be posting a two-chapter excerpt of Alice’s Wonderland and then, on 6 November, the book itself will be out. It’s almost, as Flight of the Conchords would say…

Business Time.

Cover reveal!

5 Oct

How exciting — Alice’s Wonderland is officially up on the HarperCollins site, as well as Amazon and at Barnes and Noble in all her pink-feathered glory! Do you like the cover? We are loving it! Bring on 6 November!

Exciting news!

28 May

Allison Dobell’s first erotic romance, Alice’s Wonderland, has just been picked up by Avon Red and is looking like it will be published in November 2012. Stay tuned!


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